Saturday, March 3, 2012

Wanted: A New Car

Sold my car and have yet to purchase a new one.
Sitting in Franks' car.
He looks over at me and says, "Does it scare you that this is the family car?"
Yes.  Yes it does.

This morning while Frank was driving me to work in his 8 million year old Volvo that we fondly call the Blue Bomber (a car that is seriously held together with duct tape and a prayer), the car stalls.  We are cruising down Admiral and it just gives up the ghost.  After a few failed attempts at starting the car, Frank finally manages to stop blocking traffic and get me to work.

I really need to get on this whole new car thing, and while the Blue Bomber has served Frank well these past 4 years, I think Frank does too...any takers?

Friday, March 2, 2012

Prada Love

All I could think of as I pulled out my shiny little Nordstrom card to purchase these bad boys was Carrie Bradshaw's infamous line from SATC, "I will literally be the little old woman who lived in her shoes!" No matter, they were worth every penny - even if I am too afraid to wear them to work...or outside...or anywhere really.  They may not be as fabulous as the Prada flame shoes but they are pretty much the most wonderful wedges to have ever graced my closet.  And that's saying something, since my apartment building (and so by default my closet) is nearing 95 years old.  I also recently picked up a new pair of Kate Spade lovelies and some Badgley Mischkas' too so you can expect to see some serious shoe porn on here soon!

I think I am in love.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lucy, You've Got Some Explaining To Do!

Um, hi again Blogland.  I can explain...well actually I can't.
It's been awhile.
My bad.

To distract you from my ridiculously long absence from writing anything on this here blog, I am going to share some of Pandora's most ridiculous playlist decisions for me:

This little gem popped up during my workout a few weeks ago
...Pandora seems to think a Nada Surf playlist should
include songs from the Little Mermaid!
Yet another epic Pandora fail...this came up under Kesha.  Yup. 

Oh Pandora, how did you know I wanted to hear
a Romanian pop song while listening to my cardio playlist?
Even though Rihanna borrowed a hook from it,
still so random.  Also - if I have to listen to one more
Panera Bread commercial this week I am going to go crazy. 

Crazy, crazy, crazy.  
You think your computer generated playlist app knows you, and then it shoots you a curve ball.  
Go figure, right?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Recap of the UNDRESSED Hair and Heels Show with SEVEN Salon and REPORT Footwear

Waiting for the show to start.  The photog was sneaky here, you can't tell that the screen on my phone is still totally busted.
Jaclyn working her magic.
With Bree and Jan before the show. 
A few Sundays ago I was a model for the UNDRESSED Hair and Heels Show with SEVEN Salon and REPORT Footwear, which was part of Bellevue's 2011 Fashion Week.  This is the second time I have done an event with SEVEN Salon, and they sure know how to throw a party!  I was a pedestal model which was awesome for two reasons:

1) As a pedestal model my hair was awesomely wild.  Jaclyn Beith from SEVEN did my hair and she is seriously amazing.  A.Maz.Ing.  I got a cut and color done by her earlier in the year and it was hands down the best haircut I have ever had - and it was just a trim!  Oh yes, she's that good.  

My hair was so much fun for the show, I felt like a little kid playing princess dress up.  
It's all mine - minus the pink tuffs. 

2) I didn't have to walk the runway.  Instead I just got to pose and show off my hairstyle of awesomeness before the show and then watch the real models strut their stuff on the runway afterwards.

These were the shoes I wore for the event.  They were beautiful - and extremely tall!  They are why I was pleased to be standing on a pedestal instead of walking down a runway.  These shoes + a runway + clumsy me would = Carrie Bradshaw fall on my face kind of moment in the making.  When I was younger, before my tattooed delinquent years and before I grew lady hips (haha I joke - well, about the delinquent stuff) I modeled for Heffner Management here in Seattle, but other than the freelance stuff I have done in the past year it's been a long time since I've been a part of any larger modeling events like this. 
It's pretty cool to get to peek back into the world of modeling every now and then.

At SEVEN Salon in Bellevue getting ready for the show.
So much to do, so little time!

Check out a video of the event here.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Broken Hearts and Broken Phones

The day that I dropped my iPhone in front of the library that I work at, it broke my heart.  I'm pretty sure that on that day small children visiting the library learned new swear words from their children's librarian as her phone shattered across the pavement as well.  I have dropped my phone more times than I'd like to admit, typically from great heights or at the very least standing up, but those little accidents are not what did my phone in.  As I got out of my car to go into work, right outside of the front doors to the library, I absentmindedly left my phone on my lap and as I stood up down it went.  As I bent to pick my phone I was hopeful that all would be well, just like every other time I had dropped my phone.  This was not the case.  Not two weeks before this I had gone into the Apple store with a broken back screen and was told that I could spend my one free replacement on fixing it or spend $30 to repair it and save my freebie for in case the front cracked, since that is a much more expensive repair - think $200, which is what I paid for the whole thing in the first place!  I clearly remember making a "psh" noise and thinking "I won't break the front of my phone!  Why pay for something when it could be free?!"  Such a mistake.  So after another visit to the Apple store where I was shot down for a free fix by a very rude lady, I gave up.   I have been living with a broken screen for a month now, unwilling to pay the $200 to just get it handled.  At least the fall didn't hurt anything but the front screen, the phone itself still works fine.  It doesn't handle calls well anymore, but who uses their cell phone to make calls anyways?  I have been patiently awaiting the release of the new iPhone so I can upgrade and be done with the whole thing, and today was the day that happened. Hooray for pre-orders!  No more waiting in lines early in the morning at AT&T stores, nervous that the iPhone will have sold out by the time you get to the front of the line.  No, AT&T employee, I do not want a complimentary sucker.  That will not make me feel better if I don't get an iPhone, and what are you implying? 

My new iPhone arrives in T-minus 6 days and today, Frank sold my old, broken iPhone for what I paid for the new one.  That pretty much rules.